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Acceptance of the conditions. 
The customer acknowledges to be aware at the time of the order, of the particular conditions of sale expressed on this screen and expressly declares to accept them without any reserve.
The present general conditions of sale govern the contractual relations between LABORATOIRE FUNLINE SARL and his/her customer, both parts accepting them without any reserve. These general conditions of sale will prevail over all other conditions that may exist in any other sales document, except for preliminary, express and written dispensation

  • Article 1 - Price
  • Article 2 - Way of payment
  • Article 3 - Delivery
  • Article 4 - Customer service
  • Article 5 - Property and risk of Loss
  • Article 6 - Responsibility
  • Article 7 - Name specific information
  • Article 8 - Intellectual property
  • Article 9 - Disputes
  • Article 10 - Customer’s commitment



1.1 - The prices of our products are indicated in Euros , inclusive of all taxes except contribution to costs of treatment and shipping. (See availability and delivery).

Payment will be made in advance with the order unless otherwise agreed in writing, and include all shipping costs.

1.2 - All the orders whatever their origin are payable in euros.

1.3 LABORATOIRE FUNLINE SARL reserves itself the right to modify its prices at any time but the products will be charged on the basis of the current prices at the time of the recording of the orders, subject to availability at this date. LABORATOIRE FUNLINE SARL also reserves itself the right, in case of definitive unavailability of a product, to exchange it for an equivalent product and at the same price. Naturally, the customer can send it back for exchange or pay off, if it does not fit. In that case, the costs of return shipping are at the expense of LABORATOIRE FUNLINE SARL on written request and on documentary evidence based on the economical shipping price rate.

1.4 - Clause of property reserve : the products remain the property of LABORATOIRE FUNLINE SARL until the complete collection of the price by LABORATOIRE FUNLINE SARL.


With credit card VISA - EUROCARD - MASTERCARD :

PAYBOX insures you the security of your on-line payment. This solution is totally reliable, secure and fast.

However, if you do not want to pass your details to credit card, you can also pay:

By bank cheque:


Write your order number at the back of the cheque and mail your payment to:




By bank transfer:

Transfer total amount of your order to:

You can send the invoiced amount in advance through bank transfer:



Account Nº: 1025616W030

Iban: FR 96 20041 01009 1025616W030 58


Please refer to the Company internet site for modalities and references of the account.

Then, forward us by mail or fax, the confirmation of transfer from your bank. Your account will be handled after receipt of your payment.


For delivery of orders, we use the services of Colissimo, who delivers within the following time periods, after despatch: (Ref. RTT: working days and independent of delays by custom authorities).

The periods are shown as working days, i.e. from Monday to Saturday included, except holidays.

The delivery periods are generally observed but some parcels can sometimes be delayed due to any despatch specific reason (for example, problem due to insufficient packing, illegible or incomplete address, etc.).

Laboratoire Funline livrason


These periods are given only for information and in no way commits the responsibility of LABORATOIRE FUNLINE SARL.

Shipping Cost in France Cost of shipping to the rest of Europe

6 €

12 €

• Custom restrictions

Some legislations limit import of products. You are advised to check about the prevalent legislation in your country before ordering on the site.

• Custom taxes

Custom or import taxes become due as soon as the parcel reaches its destination country. You must pay the additional possible taxes towards custom clearance. We have no control on these taxes and cannot envisage them; custom formalities vary greatly from one country to another. Kindly contact your local Customs Office for further information.


For any information or question, our customer service is at your disposal:

E-mail : contact@laboratoire-funline.com

Telephone : + 34 932 387 779 from 9:00 to 19:00 Monday to Friday

Fax : + 34 932 170 663


The goods remain the property of LABORATOIRE FUNLINE SARL and passes to the Client only when LABORATOIRE FUNLINE SARL has received complete payment for all amounts due by the Client to LABORATOIRE FUNLINE SARL. In case, the Client fails in its commitments, it must, at its expenses, immediately return the goods to LABORATOIRE FUNLINE SARL or allow the latter to enter the premises of the former to take back its goods, if asked for by LABORATOIRE FUNLINE SARL. The Client shall be responsible for any risk or loss after physical delivery of goods to the Client. LABORATOIRE FUNLINE SARL will not be responsible for damages caused to the sold goods unless the Client informs LABORATOIRE FUNLINE SARL within five (5) working days from the delivery.


The proposed products are in accordance with the French current legislation and with the applicable standards in France . Photos, texts, graphics, information and characteristics reproduced and illustrating the presented products are not contractual. As a consequence, the responsibility of LABORATOIRE FUNLINE SARL will not be engaged in case of error or of omission in one of these photos, texts or graphics, information or characteristics of products or in case of modification of the characteristics of products by the suppliers.

Naturally for any question on the products you can contact our customer service. LABORATOIRE FUNLINE SARL cannot be held responsible for the non-fulfilment of the contract concluded in case of shortage of stock or unavailability of the product, the force majeure, for disturbance, for partial or total strike notably from postal services and means of transportation andor communications, flood, fire. Hypertext links can send towards other sites than the site  www.laboratoire-funline.com.

LABORATOIRE FUNLINE SARL declines all responsibility in case that the content of these sites violate the laws and regulations.

Execution of any obligation arising out of this contract can be suspended, without responsibility of parties, in case of natural catastrophe, force majeure, war, riot, fire, explosion, accident, flood, sabotage, inability to procure fuel or by power of governmental laws, regulations or orders, or any other reason beyond the reasonable control of the parties such as strikes, lock-outs or injunctions causing delays, unforeseen difficulties or limitations in execution of this contract or the consumption, sale, usage of goods. In this case the affected party will invoke this provision by promptly notifying the other party the nature and the estimated period of the suspension period. LABORATOIRE FUNLINE SARL may then extend the terms of contract for the period of suspension.


LABORATOIRE FUNLINE SARL makes a commitment not to reveal to third parties the information which you communicate us. These are confidential.They will be used by our internal services only for the treatment of your order and to strengthen and personalize the communication and the supply of products reserved for the customers of LABORATOIRE FUNLINE SARL, notably by the newsletter of  www.laboratoire-funline.com. This Article shall prevent the sale or transfer of activities to third.

As a consequence, in accordance with the Data Protection Act, you have a right of access, rectification and opposition to the particulars concerning you. In order to do so, you just have to make us an on-line demand or send us a mail mentioning us your name, first name, address and if possible your customer reference:

- by e-mail : contact@laboratoire-funline.com

- by post :





All the texts, the comments, the works, the illustrations and the images reproduced on the sites edited by LABORATOIRE FUNLINE SARL are reserved in accordance with the copyright as well as in accordance with the intellectual property and worldwide. Therefore and according to the rules of the Code of intellectual Property, is only authorized a private use subject to different and even more restrictive rules of the code of the intellectual property. All other use is considered as forgery and can be sanctioned in accordance with the Intellectual property except for prior authorization given by LABORATOIRE FUNLINE SARL. Any total or partial reproduction of the sites edited by LABORATOIRE FUNLINE SARL is strictly prohibited.


Any regulation of dispute can be made with our customer service contact@laboratoire-funline.com and, and if an amicable settlement cannot be reached, the commercial court of PERPIGNAN (FR) is competent.

However, LABORATOIRE FUNLINE SARL reserves itself the right to sue the customer in front of the court competent in his place of residence or seat.

This contract is the entire agreement between the parties and a complete and exclusive declaration of the terms of their agreement. No change or agreement claiming to change or vary the terms of this contract will bind the parties unless a written agreement, duly signed by the parties, does not engage them to it.

General conditions of this contract will have priority over general purchase conditions of the Client. If the Client proposes additional general conditions in its reply, they will be automatically refused. No renunciation by LABORATOIRE FUNLINE SARL concerning whole or part of the provisions of this contract, would be invoked unless such renunciation has been expressly notified to the Client in writing.


When you validate your purchase on the order’s appliance, you declare to accept its contents as well as the general conditions of sale from LABORATOIRE FUNLINE SARL which are governed by the french law. These general conditions of sale can be modified at any time without notice.