Muira Puama is a «potency wood», better known as Bois Bandé (Richeria grandis). Its bark is traditionally used for its ancestral impact on vitality. Fortified with two powerful sexual tonics, Ginseng and Tribulus Terrestris, it boosts endurance and procures vitality and energy. Bois Bandé by Funline Laboratory is a natural, highly concentrated extract, boosting physical and mental resistance and endurance.

Natural aphrodisiac, Bois Bandé  is a potent vasodilator which considerably improves the quality and duration of sexual passion in men, and produces intense bouts of desire in women. The substances contained in Muira Puama bark heighten erotic sensations, help to fight impotence, stimulate desire and reinforce sex drive. Bois Bandé by Funline Laboratory brings a natural, effective response to regain your full vitality at the right moment.


  • Powerful sexual tonic
  • Boosts physical and mental resistance and endurance
  • Procures vitality and energy
  • A natural, effective solution to regain your vitality at the right time

Active ingredients

Herba EpimediaMuira Puama. has traditionally been used by Amazonian peoples to treat the flu, rheumatism, neuromuscular disorders and sexual impotence. According to the British Herbal Pharmacopoeia, Muira Puama can be used to treat dysentery and impotence. Nowadays, it is mostly used as a psychological and physical aid to boost sexual functions and libido for persons of either sex. It is also recommended to relieve menstrual pain, especially cramps. It can also treat light fatigue and stimulate the nervous system. It also treats gastro-intestinal disorders such as sluggish digestion, flu and rheumatism.

Canelle Radix Ginseng.For over 5,000 years, traditional Chinese medicine has used this extraordinary root as a source of vitality and long life. This root comes from a rare plant: Ginseng, a plant originating from north-east Asia. Ginseng harmonises bodily functions. Its active ingredients contribute to a healthy balance of metabolic and organic functions by bestowing the organism with force and vitality. Ginseng is especially reputed to fight fatigue and stress and reduce sexual asthenia.

Ginseng Tribulus Terrestris . Tribulus (Tribulus Terrestris) is an extremely powerful plant which acts on testosterone and its sphere of action. It is also famously used by athletes as an anabolic and a boost for endurance. Main properties: A potent aphrodisiac which stimulates libido in men and women; Boosts physical force and endurance; Helps build up muscle, natural anabolic; Regulates the production of testosterone.