Laboratoire Elysées cosmétiques

The new anti-aging range from Elysées Cosmétiques is a unique and original combination of natural active ingredients drawn from the beauty secrets of the greatest icons (Queen Cleopatra of Egypt, Empress Catherine II of Russia, ...) as Aloe vera, milk thistle, Kombucha, ... and the latest generation of cosmetics ingredients, such as Marine Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Allantoin, the squalane, Elastin ....

Skin aging is a normal physiological process leading to four factors:

The loss of collagen and elastin: over time, the collagen fibers, firmness source, and elastin, responsible for elasticity, produced by fibroblasts, are scarce. Glycosaminoglycans (such as hyaluronic acid) decrease, the dermis loses its density.

The emphasis of the epidermal ridges, wrinkles: with age, some furrows naturally present on the skin are increasing, the skin surface is stretched and wrinkles appear due to the weakening of dermal structures.

Loss of brightness and dullness: the irregularity of the color of the skin that increases with age, leads to a loss of brightness and transparency of complexion; the skin becomes dull and loses its luster.

The appearance of pigmentation: with age, the number and effectiveness of melanocytes decrease. We lose on average 10% of melanocytes per decade, they disappear anarchic and focus on certain areas of the skin to the surface causing the appearance of age spots.

Centered around three actions: Prevent, Protect, Correct

Elysées Cosmétiques has formulated a high-performance range, which through contributions in active constituents of the dermal matrix, stimulates cell regeneration and helps slow the onset of the signs of aging. A range that through simple everyday actions, helps keep skin firmer, smoother and therefore younger.