Who are we

The Funline Laboratory specializes in hygiene products, wellness products and energizing products:

Whether in sprays:

* Interior air fresheners with essential oils,

* Pillow mists, whose formulations effectively fight against small daily ailments, during sleep

* Hydro-alcoholic solutions (hand and surface disinfectant),

Whether in oral solutions (Bois Bandé range),

Whether in gels (Lub'Intense flavored intimate gels),

Our vocation is to make the most of plants, in order to enrich proven formulas and thus bring to
our ranges, a unique and naturally active touch.

Under the leadership of its creator, Ludovic Lemoues, himself from the specialized distribution market, Laboratoire Funline, was created in 2009, with the ambition of targeting Well-being and Innovation, which remain essence of the products offered by the Funline Laboratory. Original, different, innovative, these are products that target the improvement of daily life, through improved living comfort.


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