Cosmétic Elysées Cosmetique


Aromatherapy is the medicinal use of essential oils, volatile natural substances contained in some plants called "herbs". It is part of alternative or complementary medicine, more and more popular with the general public.

Most herbs are traditionally recognized as medicinal plants. The essential oil is a natural product that is found in different parts of the aromatic plant: flower, leaf, fruit, bark, seed, root and that is simply extracted by steam distillation or by water cold expression.

Used by cutaneous, respiratory way or under medical supervision by oral route, essential oils act directly on the body by the active ingredients they contain naturally, but also subtly behavior by the smell and fragrance and they carry that personalize

Cosmétic Elysées Cosmetique


Most of the essential oils have anti-infective power which is exerted on a large number of common bacterial germs, viral, fungal.

These products generally used for the prevention and treatment of infectious and contagious diseases, but also for hygiene interior spaces, enhancing occupant comfort.

Today, essential oils are used very broadly, whether for cosmetics, fragrances, care and relaxation .